Duchess deBerry | Supporting the Sisterhood – Kiwi Women in Business: Krisztina Rehorovszky
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27 Sep Supporting the Sisterhood – Kiwi Women in Business: Krisztina Rehorovszky

As a full-time burlesque performer, there are a huge number of facets to my job. I simply can’t do everything myself, so I regularly outsource some tasks/aspects to experts.

Sometimes we collaborate to create art together, sometimes I commission custom designs, and sometimes I just have a project I need help with. Wherever possible, I like to support local small businesses, and especially my fellow self-employed women. I’ve decided to write a series of blogs introducing some of the amazing Kiwi women that I work with, who help me keep my brand running. Over the next 10 weeks, I will be profiling each of them individually. I look forward to sharing them with you, darlings. I know burlesque is built on a very DIY attitude, but remember, when you support your friends, it means they can afford to live their dream jobs, too!


Krisztina Rehorovszky,
purveyor of tiny undies



One thing rarely mentioned outside of burlesque and showgirl circles is how infrequently we wash our costumes. It’s the dirty little secret no one likes to talk about.

But if you’ve ever tried to wash garments that have been painstakingly hand-beaded and encrusted with rhinestones, you’d know that it’s not something you want to do very often – it’s careful, delicate work, and some pieces cannot even get wet too often, or the embellishments might be destroyed.

14446525_301805483530155_280265321_oIn order to protect our costumes, we’ll often double-up on underwear by wearing a “safety” pair. These are simple (but still tiny) little undies that can be concealed under our bejewelled outer pairs, and which are easy to wash and quick to dry. Once you start investing in these, it’s hard to stop collecting all the colours!

Luckily for me, I happen to live with one of the finest “tiny undies” seamstresses in Auckland.

Krisztina is an ex-showgirl who hung up her click-clacks a few years ago, but isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the dancing world entirely.


She has developed a beautiful style of g-string, designed to curve around the top of your derrière, making it appear lifted and rounded, while the reinforced straps feature clips on each side for easy removal and adjustment, although they can also be made without clips, if you prefer. They come in a variety of fabrics, but her most popular is the dance lycra, favoured for its durability, shine and stretch, and the fact that it can double as swimwear for the particularly daring among us.

Perfect to wear on their own or under your costumes, they can also be embellished to become costume piece in their own right. The side clips make for especially swift removal when wearing a c-string or merkin as the final reveal.

1009212_454683454642678_1579747459_oFor the go-go dancers among us, Krisztina can also make matching tops and bikini-style bras to create a set. And while her tiny undies are my favourites, there are also full panties and booty shorts in her designs. Krisztina makes every item to order, and her customers can choose their own fabrics from her samples, and even select certain finishings for some items.

I absolutely adore my collection of tiny undies – I’ve got almost every colour of the rainbow, and some others in between – and I wear them for so many things. They’re my go-to underwear for most things onstage and off, and I have several pairs in a thicker swimwear fabric to shock conservative beachgoers, and to ensure I have no tan lines when on stage.

Support the Sisterhood: Krisztina’s products are commission-only. Follow her company, Hanamii, on Facebook to see her latest items and to order your very own pair (or five).

Well, that’s it for my Supporting the Sisterhood blog series, focusing on Kiwi women in business. I hope I’ve reminded you of the talented creatives we have in this country, and perhaps introduced you to some new ones. I personally vouch for every single amazing woman I’ve featured in this series. They all have strong business ethics, commitment to their products, services and clients, and they are some of the most badass women I know.

Please support your fellow female entrepreneurs: we’re all in this together, and as women, we have a duty to stand together and raise each other up in a world that tries to pit us against each other.

Thank you for following this series, and please, if you know of any self-employed Kiwi women who have a great product or service, let me know who they are in the comments below, so everyone else can hear about them, too!

Always the Tease,

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