Duchess deBerry | Supporting the Sisterhood – Kiwi Women in Business: Black Friday Photography
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03 Aug Supporting the Sisterhood – Kiwi Women in Business: Black Friday Photography

As a full-time burlesque performer, there are a huge number of facets to my job. I simply can’t do everything myself, so I regularly outsource some tasks/aspects to experts.

Sometimes we collaborate to create art together, sometimes I commission custom designs, and sometimes I just have a project I need help with. Wherever possible, I like to support local small businesses, and especially my fellow self-employed women. I’ve decided to write a series of blogs introducing some of the amazing Kiwi women that I work with, who help me keep my brand running. Over the next 10 weeks, I will be profiling each of them individually. I look forward to sharing them with you, darlings. I know burlesque is built on a very DIY attitude, but remember, when you support your friends, it means they can afford to live their dream jobs, too!


Amy Jacobs, photographer
Black Friday Photography

black_friday_1As a performer, I live my life on the stage, but I also need to create visual content to put up on my various online platforms.

While I often get shots captured during live shows, it’s also nice to have images taken in a more controlled environment. I must confess, I’m not the world’s best model – I’m easily bored, and photoshoots that take hours and hours make me grumpy and tired.

One of the reasons I love shooting with Amy is that we can do a full shoot with at least three outfits in less than an hour.

Amy and I had always talked about shooting together, but as I’m based in Auckland, and she was based in Wellington and then Palmerston North, it had never quite worked out, until we finally had our first shoot together during the New Zealand Burlesque Festival weekend in 2015.

It was so easy to work with Amy – she knew when she had nailed the shot, and we could move on to the next location and outfit. Within an hour, we wrapped the shoot, and, back at her house, quickly culled down the images to eight great shots. Our next shoot was at the Museum Hotel in Wellington where, after 17 minutes of shooting, we ended up with a beautiful series called “Bed, Bath & Balcony”.


Amy is the photographer behind the awesome Alt Shoot Tours, a collaboration between her and Venus Starr, who provides styling and artistic direction. Together, they travel all over New Zealand, photographing women in glamorous frames.

black_friday_3Amy also works with her talented partner, Carlos, under the brand Butter Cream Portraiture, creating stunning wedding images and family portraits.

Amy has an exceptional eye for her subjects, and can capture them in an authentic and beautiful way. I especially love that she lights her shots so beautifully that she barely needs to Photoshop them afterwards.

Support the Sisterhood: Amy recently rebranded from AJ Photography to Black Friday Photography, and is still building her new website. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with her awesome and ever-expanding portfolio.

Next week, meet one of New Zealand’s most-experienced seamstresses.

Always the Tease,

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